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We’re very excited to share the most recent news with you from the forefront of the stablecoin digital world. Stably and Kitco Metals Inc. have partnered to bring the world a new stablecoin called Kitco Gold or KGLD. Consumers have long trusted Kitco Metals Inc. to deliver a consistent and positive gold trading experience. They now aim to bring their expertise into the stablecoin realm with the help of Stably’s Enterprise.

KGLD Combines Security and Liquidity

KGLD will be a gold-backed stablecoin, and each token will be equal to 1 ounce of .999 fine gold. This gold…

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of ICON USDS, our USD-backed stablecoin, on the ICON public blockchain, the first product released as part of our ongoing collaboration with the ICON ecosystem. Since the launch on the Ethereum mainnet in 2018, Stably has been setting new standards for transparency and usability in the stablecoin industry, and we’re excited to bring those same standards to the ICON ecosystem with one of the first stablecoins in the world to be issued on ICON.

What is ICON USDS?

USDS is a stablecoin created by Stably, built upon the IRC2 token standard, and…

If you’ve been reading about the cryptocurrency world, you’ve probably heard of something called an NFT and how the market surrounding these tokens is taking off. But what exactly is an NFT? And why would anyone buy one?

What is an NFT?

The letters NFT are an abbreviation, and they stand for non-fungible token. The word non-fungible basically means ‘not exchangeable’ and thus, a non-fungible token is a token which is not exchangeable on a one to one basis.

This doesn’t mean that one cannot exchange an NFT for money, it just simply means that there is no universal value…

The cryptocurrency world can be a volatile place, full of value which can change at the drop of a hat. This is why the business world is starting to turn to a new version of cryptocurrency that is more stable, and these tokens are called stablecoins.

What is a Stablecoin?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency, however, instead of having a value which is based on demand, stablecoins are pegged, or matched to an asset that has value in the real world. This reduces their volatility and makes them a much safer store of value than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Why are…

FinTech Chat (FTC) is a series of educational & informative interviews with world professionals in the FinTech / Crypto / Blockchain communities. We aim to provide content that is digestible in multiple mediums such as video, audio (podcast), and written (blog) form!

FTC Episode 25

In this episode, Blockchain Wayne interviews Luke Stokes, Managing Director of FIO. Through the story on his journey to El Salvador and his work at FIO and previous projects, Luke Stokes has expressed his belief in the blockchain & crypto industry, as they can be a mechanism for global non-violent consensus.

Note: This transcript…

If you want to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, you will need a crypto wallet in order to do so.

What is a Crypto Wallet?

A crypto wallet is a program or application which is programmed to hold or store the keys that enable you to access your cryptocurrencies. Because cryptocurrencies are fully digital, they don’t actually physically sit in your crypto wallet. What is in your wallet is an encrypted message which contains the location of the cryptocurrency you own on the blockchain. …

When discussing cryptocurrencies, you will often hear the words mining and halving. Crypto mining and halving are processes which are intertwined and essential to the function of cryptocurrencies. Below, we’ll walk you through the basics of both the terms, Crypto Mining and the Bitcoin Halving.

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is the essential process used to verify all transactions on a blockchain. And this process results in the slow accumulation or creation of new cryptocurrency. …

You’ve probably heard about the cryptocurrency Ethereum and how it is now second only to Bitcoin. But what is Ethereum? And how does it work?

The Basics of Ethereum

Ethereum is a digital currency very similar to Bitcoin, but its use cases go far beyond just an exchange of value. Ethereum is a decentralized computing network which hosts a number of smart contracts and dapps that have unlimited capabilities. Because the system is decentralized, anyone can make a dapp which runs on the Ethereum network, without needing approval from any outside source.

How Does Ethereum Work?

Ethereum is run on…

If you have watched the news recently, you’ve probably heard the word Bitcoin. But just what is Bitcoin? And where did it come from?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency or software which can be used for peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin is famous because it is decentralized, meaning no one company or government oversees the coin, rather it is governed by a ledger which records all Bitcoin transactions as they process. This ledger is made possible because of something known as blockchain technology.

History of Bitcoin

Where did Bitcoin come from? Bitcoin was created in 2008 by…

It is now almost impossible to watch the news or read an article without the mention of cryptocurrencies. So just what are cryptocurrencies? And how can you use them? Below, you’ll find a quick overview of all things cryptocurrencies.

Different Forms of Crypto

The technical definition of a cryptocurrency is digital money which is backed by blockchain technology, but depending on which coin or token you are talking about, the operation and use can vary widely.


Bitcoin is perhaps the most famous of all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a digital form of money, which is decentralized in nature. This is…


Stably is building a more efficient global economy — faster, cheaper, and accessible to all — through USDS, a regulated stablecoin. Learn more at www.stably.io

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